Veterans & Medicaid

We protect your assets while preserving your benefits eligibility. If you are a Veteran in need of veterans benefits such as Aid & Attendance benefits; then get in touch with the experienced New York veterans trust attorneys at Aronow Law, PC before you apply. If you are closing in on the age of 65, then it is time to think of Medicaid, so we want to analyze your specific situation and if we need to, then transfer any assets into a Medicaid Trust. If you do not qualify for Aid and Attendance due to your assets and resources at the outset of our representation, then we can assist in your eligibility.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

As a VA Accredited Attorney, we have plenty of experience working with veterans to obtain VA benefits. If you are a veteran and would like to discuss your eligibility for Aid and Attendance, please get in touch with the experienced veterans trust attorneys at Aronow Law PC today.

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