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Are You Being Harassed by Your Creditors?

If creditors are harassing you, you do not have to accept the behavior as part and parcel of being in debt. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers from unfair and abusive behavior by debt collectors.

A debt collector, for the purposes of the FDCPA, is any debt collector trying to collect money owed to someone else. In some cases, the original creditor …


Family-Based Immigration: What is Voluntary Departure?

Woman tourist passenger getting in to airplane at airport, walking from the terminal to the plane.

Voluntary departure refers to the departure of an immigrant from the United States without an order of removal. The departure may or may not be preceded by a hearing before an immigration judge. When an immigrant is allowed to depart from the country voluntarily, they concede removability, but they …


Rule 26: Protecting the Identity of Consulting Experts

Businessman with a notebook.

Everyone can agree that an expert consultant who does not testify can be beneficial in some instances for various reasons, particularly in connection to applicable discovery procedures. But legal professionals often voice contrary views on discovery rules that apply to these expert consultants.  

The work of a consultant, in very general terms, does not necessarily need to be disclosed to …


Unlawful Credit Inquiries Damage Consumers

Poor Credit, Business Concept for Background

On consumer credit reports, there is a section entitled “credit inquiries.” Included in this section is a list of names or companies to which the credit reporting agency has supplied access to the credit report. Many consumers will not recognize the names listed under credit inquiries on their credit report but will assume the inquiries are lawful. But in …


In the News: Are Eligible Young Immigrants Being Denied Asylum Due to Age?

A band of beautiful Latin youth.

In the News: Recent reports indicate that the current administration has been rejecting lawful residence status applications; a startling number of immigrant youth are receiving denials. Many of the immigrant youth denied entry left their countries to escape abusive situations. Why are the status applications being denied? The  U.S. government denied the applications based on the belief that …


How to Protect Yourself Against Inaccurate Credit Reporting

Credit History Report and Score with chart and glasses on desk

Many consumers have inaccurate or false information on their credit report – and they don’t even know it. They discover this fact when they attempt to use their credit to purchase a car or a home or obtain a credit card. The denial they receive in response to the credit check usually inspires them …


DWI Parenting Advice: Drunk Driving Prevention for Teens

Mother with her teenage daughters enjoying in fast food restaurant

Have you talked to your teen about the dangers of driving drunk? Are they aware of the legal consequences of DUI or DWI? Parents of teens often like to believe that their teen is not at risk. Contrary to this belief, trusted sources indicate that most teens are at considerable risk for DUI.

1 …


How to Prepare a Debt Collection Defense

Being served papers for a debt collection lawsuit is one of the most stressful moments many people ever experience. If you are in this situation or you are waiting for this dreaded moment to arrive due to unpaid debts, don’t despair. You can and should defend yourself against a debt collection lawsuit. A failure to show up in court could lead to a default judgment …


Family-Based Immigration: Options When Adjustment of Status is Denied

greed card application – denied

Did you fill out Form I-485 to apply for a green card within the United States, to request an adjustment of status? If you are an immigrant to the United States of America and the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) denies your adjustment of status application (to Permanent Resident), you still have options.

Attempt to Avoid a Denial:


10 Things You Need to Know if You Get a DUI or DWI

Police officer giving a sobriety test to a young man who he suspects is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Police cruiser is out of focus in the foreground.

Whether called DWI (driving while intoxicated), DUI (driving under the influence) or OUI (operating under the influence), “drunk driving” has some severe penalties if a conviction follows the charges.  If you are facing DWI

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