In some states, you cannot purchase or sell a home unless there is a real estate attorney present. Yet many who live in states that do not require the presence of a real estate attorney still rely on them during real estate transactions. Why is that? Why do buyers and sellers who are not required to use the services of a real estate attorney bother incurring the legal fees? The answer is simple, there are many legal issues that a real estate agency or agent may overlook. The real estate agent has their own agenda: to collect their commission, but not to protect you!

This type of oversight can mean significant trouble for those involved in the transaction. Having a real estate attorney accessible during real estate negotiations and transactions can keep you from unintentionally breaking the law, taking an action (or failing to take an action) that results in a delay of your real estate closing, losing your deposit due to a fatal error or overlooking strong arguments during the negotiations. The role of the real estate attorney is vital and many will not enter into any type of real estate negotiation without the assistance of a trusted and experienced real estate lawyer. Do you know why? Do you know what a real estate attorney is and what they can do for you?

What is a Real Estate Attorney and What Do They Do?

A real estate attorney is responsible for knowing the rules and regulations related to real estate transactions. Real estate attorneys assist their clients in understanding contracts and other legal documentation related to the property and property transfer. A real estate attorney deals with zoning issues, mortgage fraud, title issues, etc. A real estate attorney also negotiates on behalf of the party or parties they represent, oversee the deed and title transfer and verifies whether or not the property has a lien, any restrictive covenants, or other legal issues that could affect the real estate transaction or use of the property once the transaction is complete.

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