There are many seniors and families of seniors who do not turn to an attorney for their long-term care or Medicaid planning. Many are afraid of the costs and feel that doing it on their own is the more economical method. But working with an experienced Medicaid planning attorney can help save a lot of money in the long run while making sure that you or your loved one receives the best and most appropriate care.

If you are considering whether or not you need assistance with Medicaid planning, stop taking steps based on what you’ve heard from others in what you feel are similar circumstances. Don’t attempt to avoid the issue by doing nothing. And don’t work with a non-lawyer. Go straight to a Medicaid Planning or Elder Law Attorney.

Why You Should Work With a Medicaid Planning Attorney:

No Conflict of Interest: In many cases, a nursing home facility will make a referral to families of residents. These referrals are often to non-lawyers who will assist in preparing the Medicaid application. But this preparer has dual loyalties. They are loyal to the facility who refers to them as well as the client who is applying for benefits. Everyone wants the Medicaid application to be successful, so there is no conflict of interest there, but it is in the nursing home’s best interest for the resident to pay privately as long as possible before going on Medicaid, while it is in the resident/family’s best interest to protect their assets. Hiring a Medicaid Planning attorney to assist in applying for Medicaid means having a professional with a duty of loyalty only to you as the client so they will be doing their best to achieve your goals without considering what is best for the facility.

Save Money: The costs of the typical nursing home facility can be as much as $15,000 a month depending on location and other factors. It is unusual for legal fees associated with Medicaid planning to equal the cost of even one month in a facility. It is not hard to save this much in long-term care and probate costs by working with an experienced Elder Law or Medicaid planning lawyer.

Specific Knowledge & Experience: When working with a professional in any area or field it is best to find one who has experience providing the type of service you are seeking daily. For instance, experience in the area of Medicaid planning means an attorney has most likely spent years developing their expertise on the topic and helping other clients achieve their goals whether they be to maintain their independence and dignity, preserve their estate for their descendants, or stay home and avoid moving to an assisted living or nursing home facility.

The rules associated with Medicaid provide numerous opportunities to preserve assets, mainly when there is a dependent with special needs. The more you plan ahead, the more opportunities there are to maximize your Medicaid planning results, but even at the last minute, there are almost always actions that can be taken to improve the situation. 

If you need help preserving your assets while qualifying for Medicaid or if you have other questions about Medicaid planning, please get in touch with the experienced Medicaid Planning attorneys at Aronow Law PC today.