Loan Modification

Struggling to make your mortgage payments? We live in trying economic times. For many struggling to make ends meet, coming up with the mortgage payment each month is the most challenging, and stressful, financial obligation of all. Let us help!

Is Your Mortgage Payment Crippling Your Finances? Are You Facing Foreclosure?

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can offer protection from foreclosure, stop creditor harassment, and provide relief to homeowners struggling financially, but bankruptcy isn’t the only option. At Aronow Law PC, our team of experienced loan modification attorneys are ready to handle negotiations with your mortgage provider on your behalf; whether you’re looking to avoid foreclosure and keep your home with a loan modification, prepare a foreclosure defense, or walk away from an inflated mortgage with a short sale. What can be a complicated, long, and arduous process can become a simple solution when you have an experienced foreclosure attorney on your side. Don’t put off asking for help – that’s what we do. We help homeowners just like you find legal solutions to resolve their mortgage struggles.

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