There’s really no arguing. Divorce is usually painful, often messy and can be quite expensive. Yet some aren’t aware that it doesn’t have to be painful, messy or expensive! Did you know there was an alternative when seeking a divorce that is far less volatile and much more affordable? It’s called divorce mediation.

What is Divorce Mediation?

A unique alternative to traditional divorce proceedings, divorce mediation is typically gentler and more productive. Navigating the legal waters of divorce can be tricky and doing so through divorce mediation generally ends up being less stressful and less costly. And possibly most important, it often makes it easier to move on for the entire family post-divorce.

Through the mediation process an independent, third-party meets with both parties (husband and wife) together. The three of them work out all the details of the divorce with the mediator as an unbiased negotiator between the two parties. Divorce mediators do not take sides against either party. The mediation process, as a whole, strives for the creation of an amicable arrangement that serves all parties involved equally. If you still aren’t sure if divorce mediation is right for you, consider some of the benefits it offers.

3 Benefits of Divorce Mediation:

  1. Less Stress and Contention: Mediation is far less stressful in comparison to divorce proceedings through the court. The entire idea behind mediation is to promote friendly cooperation that is mutually beneficial. The mediator’s job is to guide the two parties to agree over the terms of the divorce, ease the tension, remove emotion from the process, and help both sides equally and amicably. Lower stress levels benefit the parties themselves, any children involved in the case, as well as the parties’ performance in the work place.
  2. Less Costs Associated with Divorce: In many cases, choosing mediation over typical divorce proceedings decreases costs associated with the case by 40-60%. Costs of mediation will depend on the complexity of the case from splitting assets, to agreeing on child custody and visitation schedules, etc. But even in complex cases, the costs should be significantly less than it would be if both parties retained their own representation.
  3. Private and Confidential: Many find the privacy of mediation to be its most enticing benefit as the courtroom is public and anyone present at the time has access to the intimate details aired during divorce proceedings.

If you are interested in discussing how divorce mediation could benefit you or if you need to ask questions about whether or not your divorce would be best handled with a divorce mediator, please get in touch with one of the experienced family law attorneys at Aronow Law PC today.