Consumer Protection

At Aronow Law, PC we fight for your rights whether its against a small debt collector or a national mortgage bank. We know how to use the federal laws to fight for you and often have them pay your legal fees. Your consumer protection attorney can assist with a number of legal issues, including: creditor lawsuits, debt collector lawsuits, auto fraud cases, credit repair, collection harassment, and more. Aronow Law PC has the experience needed to navigate the law and we understand how to apply them to your case properly.

Take Back the Power from Big Business

You deserve to be treated with respect. If you are being unfairly treated by a lender, a creditor, a debt collector, a solicitor, or a credit reporting agency, contact one of the experienced consumer protection attorneys at Aronow Law PC as soon as possible. We can help you stop oppressive, abusive tactics by unscrupulous businesses; identify unjust treatment from mortgage companies: stop harassing sales calls; prosecute fraudulent car sales companies; and alleviate the stress of a credit reporting agency that is reporting inaccurate information. We are well-informed about the tactics used to threaten consumers into compliance or harass you into action. Preserve your rights as a consumer and let our consumer protection attorneys take the lead in your case. Aronow Law, PC is here to help you and we’re committed to fighting for your legal rights and best interests.

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