While our track record shows we know how to get the legal results you need, you really don’t have to take our word for it. You can check out what other clients just like you said after working with the consumer attorneys here at Aronow Law PC.

Honest and Straight forward
Posted by Betty

He made the whole process so easy and kept it non-intimidating. I have used the firm for other RE matters and they are so helpful, and great and Nicole and Dana are just as great to work with. You can't find a better lawyer and firm.

Posted by James

The whole team who worked on my case did a great job. They were very easy to talk to. They were very helpful in making this process painless as possible.

Posted by anonymous

I will be brief the staff in the Brooklyn office make you feel right at home and you never feel out of place they give you all the information and attention you need and explain everything in great detail I would recommend this firm to anyone who wants a lawyer that understands the situation you going through and helps you get back on your feet

Extremely helpful
Posted by Heather

The entire office was very helpful through the entire process. All of my questions were answered and all emails and voicemails we responded to timely. At no point did I feel alone In the process or feel like i was being judged for the position that I was in. I honestly felt that they were working with me, not just for me.

Shanyse Clark
The Bates

My husband and I live in Houston, Texas. We are and were first time home buyers in 2017. Throughout the first year in our home unexpected life changes , both good and bad were thrown our way. In the end, our finances took a toll for pretty much the worse. And we fell behind on our mortgage payment and were facing foreclosure. We were devastated. After a few weeks of praying, crying, anxiety, uncertainty, and doubts, I googled "mortgage assistance" in my area and Aronow Law group popped up. I made a phone call and that one phone called changed the course of my entire life. Once I fully agreed to work with the firm and trust their team, all of my worry and doubt went out the window! I gave it all to god and the rest to this team. And in the end I knew we'd be ok. They immediately began working on our case, everyone was fully educated on their task, and not to mention available all hours of the day. It felt good to have them on my side fighting for our home. Special Thanks to Jim (James) Golluscio, Shanyse Clark, and Shavea Dupree for their time and effort. Jim was available all hours of the day, not once did he rush or put unwanted pressure on my husband and I, and he answered all of our questions thoroughly. Shavea had endless kind words and would randomly email me supportive words throughout the entire process. And Shanyse Clark was exceptional. Weekly updates, and calls and emails. She truly TRULY went above and beyond for our home. So kind, and nice over the phone. She was what I needed in such a critical time. She was truly heaven sent.

If you are facing foreclosure and you need help, reach out to this firm. Trust me when I say they are the answer!!! Thank you Aronow Law! may god bless each of you and your families. Keep doing what you do. People need you.

Awesome Hanin

The experience I've received at Arnow Law is absolutely phenomenal. Hanin made my experience the best I could have possibly had. I could not be happier and would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful."

Posted by Doni

The law firm kept my family amd I in our home. They got our payments lowered, the intrest rate lowered and the fixed our credit that the mortgage company destroyed.

Thank you!
Posted by Izhar hassan

Aronow lawfirm made our loan modification simple and stress free. The firm was always efficient and in contact when needed. Especially Shanyse, she was always extremely helpful. My family and I are grateful towards them.

Foreclosure help
Posted by anonymous

So grateful for the service I experienced working with this firm. Duane communicated with me constantly and I got a modification that will keep me in my home.

Very professional service!
Posted by Sheila

When we decided to hire an attorney to help us with our loan modification we were very concerned because we didn’t know what to expect but Andres and Heather helped a lot thru the process it was a tough one but we finally got it. They were very professional and answered all my questions!! Team work prevail!! I definitely recommend ARONOW Law for your mortgage problems.

Excellent Professional Service
Posted by Jack

Aronow Law was very courteous, professional and very understanding with me. They know down to the last detail the law and how to help you. I was very pleased with their service.

Posted by Ashley

After fighting with our mortgage company for about 6 months, and they turned around and still told us they would not help us, we knew we had to do something. After a bit of research, we had came across Aronow Law and I could not have been any happier with our decision! When we first turned to Aronow Law I was so stressed out because I had no idea what was going to happen to our home, but they really helped us to relax by explaining all of our option for us, and by fighting so hard for us. After a long and stressful road, Aronow Law was able to fight for our loan modification and save us from filing Bankruptcy! We could not be anymore grateful for Jay, Shanyse, and Shavea for all of their hard work they had put in to fight for our case! They had lifted such a huge weight off of our shoulders !! I would recommend the lawyers of Aronow Law to anyone having problems with their mortgage.

Life savers
Posted by Patricia

We got behind on our mortgage payments and i had hired another law firm who actually contacted me. While I was in the middle of a modification I could not get in contact with them. It turns out they where closed down for illegal practices due to modifications.I was lucky enough to contact Aronow Law. My initial contact was with Howard L. I was nervous and a little bit leery because of the first law firm but Howard was amazing. He answered all my questions and gave me his cell phone number so I could call anytime I had a question or concern. While proceeding with my modification I had the pleasure of working with Malini and Navita. Both ladies where so helpful and where very accessible to me for any questions and all my concerns. If I was to rate this law firm from 1 to 10 and would give them an 11. Maybe even a 12.
Thank you Aronow Law.

Posted by Aubrey

My lawyer did a great job only had to send any documents one time once tried to modify they kept asking me to resend some docs. Over and over. Person handling my case Navita Sahadeo was polite .Everything was done in a timely manner. No complaints great job

Excellent Work Pulled me Out of Foreclosure.
Posted by Ziad

Was in a bit of trouble and he managed to get me into a good position and on my feet again. Got me out of foreclosure.

Foreclosure troubles
Posted by Benjamin

My experience with Aronow law has been excellent! The team that helped me save my home especially Duwain and Brian were very thorough, in communication with me every step of the way and delivered exactly what they promised. My mortgage payments dropped over 200$ a month, the amount I owe stayed the same, and most importantly I got to keep my home. If you're in trouble with your mortgage and need help Aronow law are the people you need on your side.

Short sale
Posted by Clifford

I used Darren Aronow to help me short sale my property. This is after using two other lawyers and being in pre foreclosure for almost three years. Once I sat down with him I knew his firm was going to get the job done. I was in daily contact with his office and I had his assistant Nicole in charge of my file. Everyone in his office was wonderful to deal with and I would recommend Darren Aronow to anyone looking to do a short sale

Posted by Nicole

When I realized I had to file to bankruptcy, I felt defeated. I consulted many different attorneys for my unique case with student loans being involved. It was a dead end, until I went to have one last consolation at Darren's Law Office. Darren's skillset on student loans are impeccable and he taught me so much a long the way. I felt safe in trusting him look out for my best interests. I felt completely supported during bankruptcy proceedings. Everything was explained in detail each step of the way via phone and email. I am extremely grateful for Darren and his team getting me through a difficult chapter in my life. If I had to do this all over again, I would chose Aronow Law every time.

Modification and a check
Posted by Roger C.

I used this firm to save my home. They worked out a deal after I was denied 2 times. They also reviewed my credit report and got me 2 checks for errors from collectors. I can't believe i got money too.

Saved by legal professional firm, Darren Aronow
Posted by MR. and MRS Richard and Kelly Smith

I consulted with Darren and explained to him what caused , and led me to consider bankruptcy. My wife and I have been married for twenty five years. I worked for L I Bus mta for twenty years and then Nassau County got rid of the mta and went private, that financially crushed us and put our retirement future in jeopardy. I decided to take the test for NYCT bus operator , got hired and went back down to bottom pay for three years. My wife was an icu nurse and we decided financially to tighten our belt and this would be best for our future. Six months later my wife was attached at work by a patient, leading to her having panic attacks. When she was physically able to return to work she had two massive panic attacks at work and this led to her being let go and do to her medical conditions she is unable to work to date. We have been waiting four years for workers compensation and social security, she has a list of medical issues and now she was just diagnosed with seizures. After two years of going through all of our money and my wife’s retirement funds we decided we had to sale our house and downsize. After all of that we where still struggling and ran up our credit cards trying so survive. I was very ashamed and upset to have to explain this to Darren. First of all Darren reassured me he could find the best kind of bankruptcy that would fit my situation and more then just that, it was his compassion. He treated me like a really good friend, it was like I was talking to someone who really cared. I hired him on the spot. Since then his staff has been unbelievably knowledgeable. Also compassionate because my wife is still having medical issues. The other day my wife had a seizure and was in the hospital and we had a court date the next day. I was clearly shook up and not thinking clear. Well let me tell you!! That’s when a member of Darren’s staff, Hanin just took over and told me to take care of my wife and she would handle the rest and she did!! Hanin got the court case adjourned for that day and put my mind at ease to where I could focus on just my wife and her care. Also Jessica, another staff member of Darren’s firm who I speak to often is very knowledgeable,professional and also compassionate, l could go on and on. Darren’s firm and his staff really care about you and your case.

My for closure experience at the law firm.
Posted by Maritza

Navita was wonderful person to work with. She has a great personality and is a very compassionate person And went the extra mile for me . She on top of everything that needed to be done . I felt that I was in good hands. I would recommend the law firm and Navita and Dwane to any person that finds them self in situation. This law firm was very professional to my needs and compassionate as well . It's something that's missing in everyday practice.

Very helpful..
Posted by Diane

Navita was very helpful . She was very knowledgeable and understanding. I would recommend this company . They specifically helped me and my fiancé. We we subjected to a hardship due to my fiancé is in medical disability and unable to work. Through an Internet search we contact this specific law firm. We received the help with the loan modification process. Contacted lender and informed me if any updates or any documents that were needed. Explained and answered questions in regards to the process of getting a loan modification. Prompt response to my telephone calls.

Saved our Lives!
Posted by Tamika

I am so fortunate that at the 11th hour I was able to acquire much needed assistance from this law firm. My husband and I were in dire need of legal counsel as our house was up for foreclosure the day that I met with Darren and his staff. Unfortunately, I had been dealing with a prior attorney for approximately three years. To my surprise this attorney was doing ABSOLUTELY nothing and misleading us the whole time. When the time came for them to prevent my house from being auctioned off, they simply avoided me and never attempted to help me in anyway. I literally went to their office the Friday before the Monday of my auction, pleading and demanding answers. Still they continued to lie and failed to follow through appropriately. I then luckily looked up Aronow law on the internet with only a few days left before my day in court. Of course, I made sure to do my research and felt comfortable making arrangements to meet with them as my last hope. Now, I am pleased to report that they did everything that they said they would and more. I couldn't be more satisfied and I am forever grateful for their hard work and expertise. The entire staff is awesome and I will always remember how I was greeted by each and every person that entered the office the day that I sat there frantically waiting. It was evident that customer services was high on their list of priorities. I want to personally thank Malini, as she provided me with emotional and professional support all along the way. My attorney Hanin as well as Jessica, both provided outstanding and diligent work. We would like to thank them all from the bottom of our hearts, as we are forever grateful.

Effortless transaction
Posted by Christine

Darren Aronow and his office is professional and extremely efficient. My closing was effortless! Nicole DeMonte Darren’s Paralegal went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of, returned my every call and/or email and would highly recommend this law firm a million times over!

Loan Modification
Posted by RC

I wish I would had done some research in hiring my previous two-incompetent, unethical Attorneys. Sept. 2017, I came to Mr. Darren Arthur Aronow Law Firm at the last minute when I almost lost my house. My previous attorney didn't keep me updated of the Foreclosure status- and had his so call -secretary with a broker at the Option.

Due to competency and diligence of Aronow Law, they were able to 'modify my loan. I highly recommend "Aronow Law Firm" to anyone which is going through hardtimes.
Thank you kindly for your assistance.

2 modifications completed
Posted by Casper

The Aronow law group successfully completed 2 modifications for me on 2 rental properties. One was completed about 7 months ago , and the other was just completed. They worked with the mortgage company to get me the modification. They know how to get the job done. It was a pleasure working with Malini and Navita. They handled all the communications with the mortgage company. The Aronow law group only contacted me when they needed information from me or to repot an update on my file. Thanks again for getting the 2 modifications done.

Posted by anonymous

My house was on foreclosure and thanks to Aronow I got my house back. They worked with my lender and got into a modification. THANKS!!!