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Category Archives: Student Loans

Can Bankruptcy Help When You’re Buried in Student Loans?

Federal student loans have been exempt from bankruptcy discharge since 1978. A change in the law in 2005 gave private student loans the same protection. The “protection” that student loans are offered in this legislation means that student loan debt will often survive bankruptcy proceedings while other types of debt do not. However, some school loans are partially dischargeable in bankruptcy, but if not, the …


When Does Student Loan Debt End Up in Litigation?

When it comes to federal student loan collection, lawsuits are not very common. But they aren’t unheard of either. Why is it less common for the government to sue in order to collect on student loans? Most would agree that it’s because they have a lot of other tools in their debt collecting arsenal. But that doesn’t mean that lawsuits aren’t a tool they …


Can I Discharge My Student Loans through Bankruptcy?

We may never hear the end of one of the most popular bankruptcy related debates: Can you discharge your student loans in bankruptcy? Is it possible? When pressed most student loan litigation attorneys will eventually provide you with a short answer, and it’s simple. The answer is usually no because student loans are not dischargeable. But the long answer is quite a bit longer.



The Basics: Student Loan Consolidation and Litigation

People dealing with student loan issues are in a wide variety of situations – some are parents of students, some are students themselves, some are spouses of past students, some are cosigners, etc. Regardless of who you are or how you ended up responsible for a student loan balance, sometimes what seems to be a simple situation can become increasingly problematic and the assistance …

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