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Terms Often Included in a Parenting Plan

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Parents getting divorced have a lot to consider and a lot of negotiating to complete before they agree on a parenting plan that will be in their child’s best interest that both can agree to sustain long term. The parenting plan lays out all of the custody, residential time and visitation regarding your children so it is …


Dividing Student Loan & Credit Card Debt During Divorce

When you’re a student it’s fairly commonplace to access student loans in order to cover the costs associated with attending college. In some cases, students marry and only later discuss whether or not they have student loans that will eventually come due. In very specific cases, this discussion may not occur until the once happily married couple decides to get divorced. Similar unpleasant surprises often …


What is the Purpose of a Legal Separation?

In basic terms, a legal separation is similar to a divorce or dissolution of marriage. You still need to negotiate child custody, decide on visitation and child support, spousal support and divide marital property. The difference is that when dealing with a legal separation, the couple is still legally married even though they are living separately. When considering their choices some find themselves wondering what …


Why Do People Hide Assets During Divorce?

All divorcing couples are required to honestly disclose all their assets, including income, expenses and debt. It’s a legal requirement. Sadly, some people give in to the temptation to lie in order to keep some of their assets to themselves during the divorce process in order to manipulate support orders and the division of property.

Instances of one or both parties hiding assets during


Stop “Gray Divorce” from Disrupting Your Retirement

There is a lot of discussion about how much divorce hurts, but it doesn’t just hurt on an emotional level. The damage can be seen in the financial fallout as well. The financial fallout of divorce can be even more significant when divorcing later in life. Many who are experiencing late-life divorce may see their carefully laid retirement plans start to unravel.

Late-life divorce …


3 Benefits of Divorce Mediation

There’s really no arguing. Divorce is usually painful, often messy and can be quite expensive. Yet some aren’t aware that it doesn’t have to be painful, messy or expensive! Did you know there was an alternative when seeking a divorce that is far less volatile and much more affordable? It’s called divorce mediation.

What is Divorce Mediation?

A unique alternative to traditional divorce proceedings, divorce …

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