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In the News: Are Eligible Young Immigrants Being Denied Asylum Due to Age?

A band of beautiful Latin youth.

In the News: Recent reports indicate that the current administration has been rejecting lawful residence status applications; a startling number of immigrant youth are receiving denials. Many of the immigrant youth denied entry left their countries to escape abusive situations. Why are the status applications being denied? The  U.S. government denied the applications based on the belief that …


In the News: Wells Fargo Faces Lawsuits After Software Glitch Denies Loan Modifications to Qualified Borrowers

In the News: The Wells Fargo case is not going well for the financial giant. The battle rages as the bank continues to face claims and lawsuits. A recent suit was filed in New Jersey by two borrowers who both lost their homes after Wells Fargo denied their loan modification applications. Both were actually qualified for loan modification approval and the denial was issued in …


In the News: Wells Fargo Software Glitch Causes 545 Foreclosures

In the News: Did you know that a calculation error can cost you your home? At least that’s the case with 545 of Wells Fargo’s borrowers. The mistaken home foreclosure issue has been all over the news and homeowners aren’t sure what to think.

The 545 mistaken home foreclosures occurred throughout the past eight years. The number of mistaken home foreclosures was previously estimated at …


In the News: Bloomingdale’s Violated TCPA with Promotional Text Messages

Recent news coverage of Bloomingdale’s inadvertently violating TCPA law with promotional text messages sent out to their Loyalist Program members was a surprise to many. If the customers opted in to the store’s Loyalist Program, why is there a problem? Doesn’t the agreement to be a member in the Bloomingdale’s Loyalist Program negate the possibility of TCPA violations?

Yet Bloomingdale’s promo texts to Loyalist members …

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