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Category Archives: Federal Crime

How to Prepare for Depositions of the Opposing Side’s Experts

The opposing side’s expert could be the most crucial deposition in a lawsuit. A successful deposition can significantly impact a case. It could assist in setting up for a motion to exclude all or some of the expert’s opinions, and potentially have the opposing party rethinking the strength of their argument, their expert witness, or the merits of their claim/defense. The possible impact of an …


Federal Court Consulting: When is it Beneficial to Retain a Consulting Expert?

The use of experienced consultants and experts is commonplace in the modern courtroom. Retaining a consulting, or non-testifying, expert to assist during litigation is beneficial in some cases. It can be critical to the outcome of the case. Consulting experts can be beneficial to a case by helping counsel come to a more thorough understanding of the facts of the case, for instance how a …


What Are the Penalties for Mail Fraud?

Did you know that mail fraud is one of the most common federal criminal charges? Committing a crime of deceit using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or a private interstate carrier provides federal law enforcement with an easy opportunity to claim jurisdiction, which can lead to a significant escalation in the severity of the consequences.

When facing mail fraud charges, it is important to …

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