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Category Archives: FCRA Violations

In the News: State Farm Bank FCRA Lawsuit Settlement Announced

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When State Farm Bank allegedly obtained consumer reports without a permissible purpose, they were in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Regulation V. In late 2018, a settlement was announced to resolve the suit. According to the settlement, State Farm Bank, a federal savings association agrees not to violate the FCRA or Regulation V. They …


In the News: Class Certification Granted in Walmart FCRA Class Action Lawsuit

In the News: The uptick in FCRA class actions has many following high-profile cases in the news: the Stanford class action filed in October 2018, the PetCo class settlement in November 2018, the Delta Airlines proposed settlement in January 2019 and the largest FCRA class action in recent news, the Walmart FCRA class action.

In January 2019, Walmart suffered a massive defeat in federal district …


In the News: Delta Airlines to Pay $2.3M Settlement After FCRA Violations

In the News: If you’ve been following the FCRA case against Delta airlines, you know that they reached a $2.3 million settlement. The Delta background check class action lawsuit was brought on behalf of 44,100 job applicants who claimed that their rights were violated under FCRA when the popular airline violated both California state and federal laws implementing their background check procedure for applicants.

According …


In the News: Stanford Faces Another FCRA Class Action

In the News: Stanford is facing another class action lawsuit for alleged Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations with background checks.  The class action could potentially include over a thousand class members. The problem stems from disclosures included in their employment application. The university faced the same claims from a different employee in 2015.

The FCRA class action lawsuit was filed in Northern California …


How to Tell if a Creditor is Violating Your FCRA Rights

What’s in your credit report? Do you know? When is the last time you checked to see what was listed in your credit report? Major life decisions can be limited, guided, and redirected by what is in an individual’s credit report so keeping a close eye on it should be important to every consumer.

Credit reports are used to decide who gets a loan and …

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