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Terms Often Included in a Parenting Plan

Daddy with kids playing video game at home

Parents getting divorced have a lot to consider and a lot of negotiating to complete before they agree on a parenting plan that will be in their child’s best interest that both can agree to sustain long term. The parenting plan lays out all of the custody, residential time and visitation regarding your children so it is …


How is Child Support Determined?

The federal government mandates child support guidelines to be used by the states throughout the nation in order to establish consistency and predictability, but particular guidelines still vary by state.

When Determining Child Support the Court will Consider a Number of Factors:

  • Income
  • Eligible Deductions (if applicable)
  • Childcare Expenses
  • Healthcare Expenses
  • Other Expenses (if applicable)
  • Shared Custody/Visitation

Most of the guidelines for determining child support

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